American Red Cross

Time to Check in on My Goals

Back on January 17th, I listed some goals I wanted to achieve in 2021.  It’s about the end of the first quarter of the year, so let’s see how I’m doing: 2021 Goals Finish my second steampunk screenplay. This includes making changes based on the feedback from my critique group.  […]

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Done and Doing Fine

Yesterday I made my 96th blood donation, completing twelve gallons.  For all the time I’ve been married, Kris has gone with me to hold my hand.  She’s there to distract me and keep me from getting faint.  After all these times, I’m still such a coward.  But with the pandemic, […]

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Maybe I’m not such a coward after all.

Yesterday I went for my regular blood-letting at my local American Red Cross center in Woodland Hills.  Actually, I was three weeks late.   I usually give every eight weeks, the minimum time you have to wait between whole blood donations.  But now the ARC is only taking appointments, no walk-ins, […]

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