It’s Time to Bleed

It’s Time to Bleed

Every eight weeks I am eligible to donate blood.  Yesterday’s donation brings me halfway to my 14th gallon.  If I stay on schedule, I should get there by January of next year.  My lifetime goal is to reach at least 25 gallons. 

When I’m not donating at one of my own blood drives, I donate at the American Red Cross center in Woodland Hills, California.

They have this sign in the door.  But if it’s concealed, how would they know?

The more relaxed you are, and the more water you drink, the faster your donation will go.  Today I hit a new personal record of 5:04.  Way back when I first started donating, it would take me 15 minutes to fill the bag.

They often have a t-shirt giveaway promo.  I wore my Shark Week t-shirt from last year.  This time they are having a Godzilla vs. King Kong t-shirt.

I got mine

Along with water and snacks, you need to sit in the cantina for 15 minutes to make sure you’re not dizzy or otherwise not feeling well.

Nutter Butters:  the nest best thing to Girl Scout cookies, Dosidos.

If you haven’t donated before, I would encourage you to do so.  Only 3% of the population donates and there is always a need.  Here’s what you can expect:


210th blog completed.

First Steampunk novel:  76,542 words.  ß Past 76,000.  Goal:  80,000.

Second Steampunk novel: 783 words. 

Second Steampunk screenplay:  157 pages.

First Steampunk screenplay:  Need to update with notes from the novelization.

Third Steampunk screenplay:  38 pages.

“Dennis may not be keeping count any longer, but he’s still trying new recipes.  This Friday’s experiment was “Bacon Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese”.  He got this one off the back of a box of KRAFT Deluxe Original Macaroni and Cheese.

You can go to the website, but all it is is a list of products, no recipes.  Very disappointing. This really did have the flavor of a bacon cheeseburger.  I believe what makes it is the ketchup and sweet relish We might add a little mustard next time.

Easy to make and tasty.  Dennis did use three strips of bacon, not two, because you can’t have too much bacon.” – Vincent Reinhart.

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