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What Inspires Me, Part 1:

I’ve been to many conventions.  When Kris and I were dealers, we would go to up to eight a year.  When I met Kris (or more precisely, re-met Kris – that’s another story) she introduced me to Loscon, the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.  That was about 34 […]

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Return to Loscon

Kris and I were supposed to be the Fan Guests of Honor at last year’s Loscon, but because of reasons, it was canceled.  So, our status was carried over to this year’s Loscon 47  http://loscon.org/47/los-angeles-oldest-running-science-fiction-convention/ The one of the first things they asked us to do was a promotional video […]

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Where the Weird Ideas Come From

When I was a senior in high school, I was in AP English.  Once in a while our teacher, Mr. John Durand, would get a new piece of educational material to look at and comment on.  He would then pass it to some of us to look at and rate.  […]

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