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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Yes, that is a handwritten version of a script.  Actually, it’s the first version of a Christmas story I have been working on for a number of years.  It’s taken a back seat to my Steampunk trilogy I’m currently working on, but I do intend to rewrite it when I’m […]

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What Comes First, Character or Story?

Yes. On to the next blog post. Okay, I’ll expand. This is a question that keeps being asked of writers over and over again. There is no easy answer. I think it depends on the writer and the inspiration. Art Holcome, in a GLAWS Special Speaker Event, approached the question […]

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Perfecting Your Premise

Back in September of last year, GLAWS’ monthly speaker event featured writer Art Holcomb.  Mr. Holcomb has been a writer for fourty five years working in film, television, theater and comic books. The topic of this event:  Perfecting Your Premise in Ten Solid Steps.  Here is an outline from my […]

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