Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Yes, that is a handwritten version of a script.  Actually, it’s the first version of a Christmas story I have been working on for a number of years.  It’s taken a back seat to my Steampunk trilogy I’m currently working on, but I do intend to rewrite it when I’m done novelizing my trilogy.

Using this time in seclusion, my wife and I have been cleaning out our storage unit.  I also have my scripts that I wrote in college.  Those I don’t plan to rewrite.  I’ve grown a lot as a writer since my time at the University of Southern California School of Cinema/Television.  The germ of the ideas those scripts were based on I’ll keep with me, but the scripts themselves are things I couldn’t even rewrite.

My time at USC, as long ago as it was, gave me a good understanding of script writing and story structure.  But it’s hard to concentrate on writing a feature screenplay when you are also learning to edit video, sound design, writing a paper on cinema history and spending your whole weekend shooting your student film.

Now, even though I have a full-time job, writing is the only part of film making I concentrate on.  Now I learn from masters like Art Holcomb, successful writers like Steven Barnes, agents like Steve Hudson and editors like Elaine Ash.   I didn’t have access to people like this when I was in college.  This is the next level up, the level of working professionals in the field.

Now we are looking to the future.  GLAWS had its first virtual Special Speaker Event yesterday.  Using Zoom, Art Holcomb (I’m not worthy!  I’m not worthy!) spoke on the topic of “Writing Opportunities in the Aftermath of the Virus”.  My Sci-Fi novel critique group has also been using Zoom for its meetings.

GLAWS plans to continue to use Zoom for future events.  Because of the lockdown, we have come to realize that by using technology we can hold events for more that just those than can come to a live event in the Los Angeles area.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of a live event, nor the networking that can go with it, but with virtual events, we can reach more people.


Dennis Amador Cherry

9th article completed.

First Steampunk novel:  10,771 words.

Memories light the corners of my hard drive.

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