From Wannabe Writer…

From Wannabe Writer…
success in the asphalt road at the sunset

I’m working through, “Your Goal Guide”, be Debra Eckerling.  And I say “working through” because there are exercises, meditations, keeping a journal, etc.  It’s one of the twelve books I want to read this year, but it’s one that I will go through one or two chapters a week.

The first chapter is about your ultimate goal, what do you want to accomplish in life.  My goals that I posted here last week were my goals for this year, but they lead to my ultimate goal of being a successful writer.  So, the book got me thinking, what does success look like?  Here is what I think success would look like for me:

WANNABE WRITER LEVEL:  That’s where I am now.  Being in GLAWS, I have made several contacts.  I know several agents, authors and writing coaches and they all know me by name.  Not bad for someone who isn’t good at networking.  When my book is ready for a professional editor, I already know who I want to go to.  And I have my list of agents I want to pitch to.

Getting an agent to take me on would be another level of success.  Someone who believes in my work and me enough to spend their time and effort on.

AUTHOR LEVEL:  Getting a publishing deal.  That’s where it would all start.  And the publisher would want me to do author signings.  That’s fine with me, but…

Getting invited to conventions as a guest author would be even better.  My wife and I love going to science fiction conventions, so being invited to them would be awesome!  And being invited to a steampunk convention would be extra special.  We went to Gas Light Gathering in San Diego  a few years ago and had a great time.

Being invited to San Diego Comic Con International would really be up there.

And if fans started cosplaying my character that would be a real sign of success.

SCREENWRITE LEVEL:  Having a production company interested in buying the rights to one of my novels would be a big step.  I write everything as a screenplay first, but chances are a studio would want to buy the rights to my novel and then hire their own screenwriter to write the script.  I’d still consider that a win.  But, who knows, maybe my agent can get them to at least look at my script.  It’s not like I don’t know anything about screenwriting.  I went USC Cinema/Television Production, I’m an active member of GLAWS, I’ve been to many writer’s conferences and been in several critique groups.

Being able to write the screenplay would be the ultimate writing goal.

Having merchandise made from my movie would be cool.  I’d love action figures made of my characters.  But…

Having Lego make sets from my movie(s) would be awesome!  I would be shouting, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!” Combining my love of writing and my love of Lego would be the dream of any AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego).

HASBEEN HACK LEVEL:  This would be where I’m too feeble-minded to put a coherent story together anymore, but I still get invited to conventions.  Not a bad retirement with conventions paying for my vacations.  I’d probably still be handing manuscripts into my agent, he’d pat me on the head and assure me he’s working on a deal, and I’d be too busy spending my days in my Lego room to notice that the deals don’t come through anymore.

And along the way, I’d make enough money from writing to quit my day job.  I don’t need to be rich – though I wouldn’t say “no” to it.  I just want enough to pay the bills and buy a couple of Lego UCS (Ultimate Collector’s Series) each year and keep up with the Star Wars, Marvel Universe, trains and Modular lines.

And do some traveling.  I’d like to visit England.  We have some friends there – and Legoland Windsor.   And I’d like to take the Otaku tour of Japan.

Dennis Amador Cherry


94th blog completed.

First Steampunk novel:  72,200 words.  Watch this number go slightly down as I finish polishing it.

First Steampunk screenplay:  Need to update with notes from the novelization.

Second Steampunk screenplay:  175 pages.  Watch this number also go down as I edit it.

Second Steampunk novel: 0 words.

Third Steampunk screenplay:  38 pages.

Remember my habanero leafy babies?


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