Dude! They got those potato chips you like.

Dude!  They got those potato chips you like.

Last Thursday marked my 31st wedding anniversary.  Even though a lot has happened to us in that time, we’ve lived in five different places, had various jobs, it just doesn’t seem that long.  It also doesn’t seem like I’ve been married more than half my life.  But then, sometimes it’s hard to remember what being single was like.  Being single was okay, but it’s not where I ultimately wanted to be.

One of the nicest complements we got as a couple came at a blood drive we did for Loscon.  We had just finished setting up and I was the first on the table to give blood.  Kris was by my side to hold my hand, as always, and we were joking around waiting for the nurse to prep me.  The Red Cross van driver came over and said we acted like we were best friends.

Well, we are.

When your dating, the romance is great, the butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation of seeing each other.  But that’s not enough to sustain a life-long relationship.  Romantic feelings change.  They are always there, but they change.  They go from the excitement of discovery to the comfort of assurance.

Once you get married and settle into daily life, romance is actually a small part of your relationship.  Most of your time is spent on mundane things like where to live, what jobs to take, what are you doing this weekend, what chores need to be done, what’s for dinner, who makes dinner and what goes on the shopping list.

So, when you choose to get married, you’re not only choosing a romantic partner, you’re choosing a roommate for life.  You better choose someone you can cooperate with on the big decisions like what car to buy and the small ones like what movie to go see.  Someone who just automatically has your back and you have theirs.

When you’re young and you and your best friend decide to move out together, you may be at the grocery store and you see something your best friend likes.  So, you call them up and say, “Dude!  They got those potato chips you like that come out only once a year.  Want me to grab a bag for you?”  Or better yet, you just buy it and surprise them when you get home.  Choose a marriage partner you’ll always want to do that for, and they’ll do that for you.  It may not seem “romantic”, but it’s love through thoughtfulness.

For our anniversary, there was no question where we wanted to eat – TOPPER’S PIZZA!  It’s not the Ritz, but we don’t care about the Ritz, we love Toppers. We still can’t eat in, but we can take out.  Kris loves the Meatinator and I wanted the BBQ Chicken this time.

If you’re single, try finding a Best Friend For Life.  And if you’re in Ventura County, or within 50,000 miles of it, check out www.topperspizzaplace.com.


Dennis Amador Cherry

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