Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Since we’ve been sent to our room until further notice, my wife and I have been doing some cleaning.  I’m an AFOL, an Adult Fan Of Lego.  Since our current apartment has little room for Lego displays, most of mine sits in my closet.  Some of it, like my catalogs and instruction books, have been sitting unorganized since we moved.  So here I was, spending most of Saturday organizing my Lego paperwork.

I found a Lego catalogue from 2005 with my Star Destroyer in it.  I didn’t realize I’ve had it for fifteen years.  It still sits on top of our entertainment unit.  At the time, it was the largest model they had with over 3,000 pieces.  My wife and a couple of friends pitched in and got it for me for Christmas.  This was years before Lego came out with their UCS, Ultimate Collector’s Series.

I also found my oldest, still existing, Lego box, the European Taxi.  This was one of the sets of that year that introduced the wheel to the Lego Universe.  Here it is right next to my latest set, the Hulkbuster.

I’d been collecting Lego years before the Taxi.  Somewhere in my parents’ old pictures I have a shot of me blowing out four candles on my birthday cake.  There on the table is the second box of Lego I remember having.  I still have many of those original pieces.

I also found several boxes of pieces I did not have a chance to sort before we moved.  That’s going to take me a few weekends to go through.

Next, I’ll have to go through my collection of Equestria Girls Mini Dolls.


Dennis Amador Cherry

8th article completed.

First Steampunk novel:  9,647 words.

A lot of Lego maintenance.

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