2024 GOALS – First Quarter (the expurgated version)

2024 GOALS – First Quarter (the expurgated version)

Happy Easter!  This year, Easter fell on the last day of the first quarter, so here are my GOALS!  Some things I won’t get to until I finish other things first.  One thing, losing weight, I’m not doing well at all.  So let’s see how I’m doing so far this year…

    1. Finish rewrites, get novel up to about 80,000 words. In progress.  My critique groups are looking at it and critiquing on Zoom and sending me notes.  I am up from 72,000 words to 76,542.
    2. Update first steampunk screenplay based on changes to first novel.
    3. Save up for an editor.
    4. Get an editor.
    5. Make changes based on editor’s notes.
    6. Acquire literary agent.
    7. Get published.
  2. WRITE SECOND STEAMPUNK NOVEL: Gotta finish the first.
    1. Go over second steampunk screenplay. It’s been a while since I set it down.  Time to see if I can streamline it any further.  I’ve also already gone through the screenplay and decided where the chapter breaks are going to be.
      1. Write Chapter One
      2. Write Chapter Two
      3. Write Chapter Three
      4. Write Chapter Four
      5. Write Chapter Five
      6. Write Chapter Six
      7. Write Chapter Seven
      8. Witte Chapter Eight
      9. Write Chapter Nin
      10. Write Chapter Ten
      11. Write Chapter Eleven
      12. Write Chapter Twelve
      13. Write Chapter Thirteen
      14. Write Chapter Fourteen
      15. Write Chapter Fifteen
      16. Write Chapter Sixteen
      17. Write Chapter Seventeen
      18. Write Chapter Eighteen
      19. Write Chapter Nineteen
      20. Start submitting novel to my critique group.
  1. START WRITING MY THIRD STEAMPUNK SCREENPLAY: Actually, I already have the first 36 pages done.  Gotta finish the second.  The second is done and now that I left it alone for a few months, it’s time to look at it anew and see if I can trim it.
    1. Start on my “String of Pearls” – that’s a whole other blog – and I have covered it.
    2. Put those pearls in an outline. I’ve never been one for an outline, other than in my head, but maybe it will help me write the screenplay faster like having the screenplay helps me write the novel faster.  This is something new I want to try.
    3. Start filling out the screenplay.
    4. Finish the first draft. This may sound obvious, but it’s a big deal to actually finish a project, even if it is the first (vomit) draft.
    1. Read a book in January: 01/24/24 finished reading, “Filmed in Supermarionation”.
    2. Read a book in February: 03/11/24 finished reading the Star Wars novel, “Master and Apprentice”
    3. Read a book in March: 03/29/24 finished reading, “C. H. Spurgeon on Spiritual Leadership”.  I am a few comic books behind, though.
    4. Read a book in April:
    5. Read a book in May:
    6. Read a book in June:
    7. Read a book in July:
    8. Read a book in August:
    9. Read a book in September:
    10. Read a book in October:
    11. Read a book in November:
    12. Read a book in December:
  3. READ MY BIBLE: Every year my church encourages us to read the Bible in a year.
    1. Keeping up with January’s reading: On Schedule.
    2. Keeping up with February’s reading: On Schedule.
    3. Keeping up with March’s reading: On Schedule.
    4. Keeping up with April’s reading:
    5. Keeping up with May’s reading:
    6. Keeping up with June’s reading:
    7. Keeping up with July’s reading:
    8. Keeping up with August’s reading:
    9. Keeping up with September’s reading:
    10. Keeping up with October’s reading:
    11. Keeping up with November’s reading:
    12. Keeping up with December’s reading:
    1. Try a new cookie: Not yet.  I still have some girl scout cookies.
    2. Try a second new cookie:
    3. Try a third new cookie:
    4. Try a fourth new cookie:
    5. Try a firth new cookie:
    6. Try a sixth new cookie:
    1. Down to 192.7 by end of January: 195.4  Yeah, I went up after Christmas.  But considering I was as high as 198.4, I’ll take it.
    2. Down to 192.0 by end of February: 196.It’ those darn Girl Scouts!  They get me every year!
    3. Down to 191.3 by end of March: 197.6  Yeah, that’s not good.  But in my defense, I was down to 194.6 earlier in the month.
    4. Down to 190.6 by end of April:
    5. Down to 189.9 by end of May:
    6. Down to 198.2 by end of June:
    7. Down to 188.5 by end of July:
    8. Down to 187.8 by end of August:
    9. Down to 187.1 by end of September:
    10. Down to 186.4 by end of October:
    11. Down to 185.7 by end of November:
    12. Down to 185.0 by end of December:
  6. MAKE SIX BLOOD DONATIONS: Did it last year, let’s do it again this year.
    1. First blood donation: 2/10/24
    2. Second blood donation: Next one on 04/06/24
    3. Third blood donation:
    4. Fourth blood donation:
    5. Fifth blood donation:
    6. Sixth blood donation:
  7. CREATE AND PRINT BUNSINSS CARDS: I want to have these by the time the West Coast Writers Conferences have their next in-person conference – or when my first book is published.  it:  Not yet.  Probably won’t until I get an agent.
    1. Take a new head shot.
    2. Get a QR code for my website.
    3. Design the card.
    4. Have cards printed.
  8. JUST A BUNCH OF LITTLE THINGS TO DO: Finally, there is always a bunch of little things that I mean to get to, but I never do.  So, I’m putting them out here.  If I do half of them, I’ll call it a win.  None yet.
    1. Reorganize bookshelf to my left.
    2. Reorganize bookshelf to my right.
    3. Reorganize the three bookshelves in the living room.
    4. Find our candy molds in our storage unit – hopefully before Christmas.
    5. Finish all the exercises in the “Your Goal Guide” book.
    6. Buy a new suit, I will need it when my book is published.
    7. Make a video for my blog. I’d like to add videos, maybe a YouTube channel eventually.




210th blog completed.

First Steampunk novel:  76,542 words.  ß Past 76,000.  Goal:  80,000.

Second Steampunk novel: 783 words.

Second Steampunk screenplay:  157 pages.

First Steampunk screenplay:  Need to update with notes from the novelization.

Third Steampunk screenplay:  38 pages.

Kris surprised me with a new towel from Amazon.  And, yes, I’m a Brony.  I’ve mentioned it several times in my blog.

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