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What Inspires Me, Part 2: The Quattro Years

My wife is an entrepreneur. She has a web design business, a jewelry business and an Etsy store.  About ten years ago, she got involved with Quattro University, an entrepreneurial college.  After a while, I got involved with her.  In addition to weekend meetings, we even attended one of their […]

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Things I Don’t Understand.

I created this blog and the associated Facebook page to promote my writing and to let people get to know me.  That’s why I write on all kinds of subjects that interest me from cooking to Star Trek and My Little Pony to my experiences with the Greater Los Angeles […]

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Bronies Anonymous

Hi.  My name is Dennis Amador Cherry and I’m a brony.  I guess it started a few years ago when somepony someone showed me the first couple of episode of “My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic”.  I thought it was cute, but being into Dr. Who and Cartoon Network at […]

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