My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I spent this weekend at the West Coast Writers Conference – virtually.  It was a new experience for all of us.  There were a few technical glitches, but it all went pretty well.  There was a lot to learn.  I’m going to be going over my notes for weeks.

It was also the first time I was on the faculty.  I moderated the panel on world building.  I did ask a friend who has moderated similar panels in the past for his advice.  He made a few suggestions to my outline, but it was pretty much what I posted here last week.

One of the glitches happened on my panel.  It looked like I had control of the “Broadcast” button, but I didn’t, nor the record button.  So, ten minutes into the panel I was told no one was let into the Zoom room yet. Our technical director let them in and we had to start over.

I was a bit nervous right before we stated, but once we got going, I was fine.  I always get nervous before public speaking, not that I do it a lot.  But once I’m up, I forget about being nervous and I’m fine.  I once heard that Johnny Carson, even after doing the Tonight Show for decades, would get nervous right before going on stage.  I always remember that and feel like I’m in good company.

The biggest crowd I’ve ever been in front of was at a Gallifrey One convention.  We did the “Mr. Gumby Blood Drive”.  So, I was on stage to pick the raffle winners as Mr. Gumby.

The second panel was more fun.  Someone else moderated, chose the panel topics, read the audience questions in chat and watched the time.  I just had to respond to questions on plotting or pants-ing – writing by the seat of your pants.  I’m most definitely a plotter.

The conference is still going on all week in the evenings and through next Saturday.  I don’t think I’ll get much writing done this week, but the education will be worth it.


Dennis Amador Cherry

21st article completed.

First Steampunk novel:  51,555 words.


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