Married to a Fan

Married to a Fan

Before I met my wife (the second time, long story) I didn’t date much.  Not that I didn’t try.  It was just hard to find someone I was interested in.  Harder to find someone I was Interested in that was also interested in me.   I dated four or five different girls, but none more than two or three times.

Then I met Kris, who, by the way, asked me out.  During the course of meeting me several times, she saw that I had a 1979 Pinto (not the exploding kind) that I had custom painted as the USS Enterprise from “Star Trek”.  She also saw I was a Sci Fi fan, like her.  We have other interests in common as well:  we both write, love attending conventions, have the same sense of morality, same world view, our favorite restaurant is the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo and we love Topper’s Pizza.  The list goes on, but we also have our differences.

She’s into beading and jewelry.  I’m not, but I appreciate her creativity.  She’s into costuming. I like wearing costumes.  I’m an AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) and she likes the fact that I’d rather spend a free night Legoing rather than going out to a bar with friends and getting in trouble.

After being married for a while, I realized what had been wrong with my previous dating life:  I was dating outside my species.  What I needed was another creative fan like me, and that’s what I was lucky enough to find in Kris.  So months ago we came up with an idea for a Facebook page:  Married to a Fan.  And now that we’ve been stuck at home on the weekends, we actually put it together.

It’s a fun page for married fans to share what they do to together, or what one spouse appreciates about the other.  We’re the moderators and we invite other couples to post their pictures, stories, memes and other fun stuff.  We just ask that you keep it family-friendly.  Join us at

Share your Married to a Fan experience.


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