Loscon Day Two

Loscon Day Two

Saturday at Loscon is always our busiest day – it’s Blood Drive Day!  Unfortunately, because it’s such a busy day, I didn’t take a lot of pictures.  The day started at about eight in the morning when we met the Red Cross truck and started setting up.  They had all their tables and machinery to set up and we had the cantina.

We have a couple of traditions with the Loscon Blood Drive.  One is homemade cookies.  When we started doing this 32 years ago, the ARC would serve these off-brand cookies that were sort of like Mother’s Cookies, but nowhere near as good.  So, we decided to make our own cookies.  Now ARC has Keebler cookies and Cheese-its, but we still have volunteers, myself included, that make cookies and brownies.

The other tradition is fish balloons.  I use to hand out 16” heart shaped balloons, but one year my order didn’t arrive in time.  I soon ran out of hearts, but I had just learned how to make fish balloons.  Once I started handing those out, no one wanted the hearts anymore.  Over the years we’ve had several kinds of fish:  black and white fish for a Spy vs. Spy theme, fish with bow ties for Dr. Who and dead fish with their eyes crossed out for a zombie theme.

During the blood drive, the Con Committee held a brunch for the Guests of Honor.  Kris went to represent us, having Asian chicken salad and raspberry cheesecake. She ordered a piece for me and brought it back to the blood drive when the luncheon was over.

I however, having given blood myself, had my own feast.

I had warned the ARC that the attendance at this year’s Loscon was expected to be lower, so they set our goal at 30 units.  We managed to collect 32 units.  A lot of this was due to people outside the convention coming to donate, and seven power red donations which count as double donations, so despite the lower convention attendance, we were still able to make our goal.

NEXT WEEK: Day Three, Sunday. Panels, panels and more panels!

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