Friendship is Timeless

Friendship is Timeless

We didn’t go to Gallifrey – the Doctor Who convention this year, but Kris was in the art show.  She had several bracelets and a pen wrap on display.

We did miss going, but we decided to stay home for health reasons.  One of the things we miss most is getting together with friends.  We did see a few when Kris went to pick up her items from the art show, and we went out to dinner with two long-time friends.

One is the former captain of the U.S.S. Alliance, a Star Trek fan club.  I have known her for about 34 years, Kris has known her for slightly longer.  The other is a friend we met at Baycon back in 1994.  We hadn’t seen him in about three years.

It was great catching up with both of them at dinner at Denny’s down the street from the LAX Marriott.  And the 5-pepper burger wasn’t bad, either.

Dennis Amador Cherry


101st blog completed.  Celebration for my 100th blog postponed until next week.

First Steampunk novel:  72,190 words.

First Steampunk screenplay:  Need to update with notes from the novelization.

Second Steampunk screenplay:  174 pages.

Second Steampunk novel: 0 words.

Third Steampunk screenplay:  38 pages.

There’s always a lot of great costumes at Gallifrey.  Here’s a “Meeping” Angel.

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