An AFOL Weekend

An AFOL Weekend

Just the other day I was complaining to my wife that I felt in a rut with work, write, sleep, work, write, sleep, work, write, sleep.  And now that two people have left the office at my job and the remainder of us are picking up the slack, I often get home exhausted.  Then it’s only work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep.  And with the shut down there is little opportunity for diversion on the weekends.

Then out of the blue, a friend of mine, Kit, who lives in Seattle, sent me a ticket for Brickcon.  She and her son go every year, but this year it was held virtually.  Brickcon is the longest running Lego convention.  It is run by fans much like most science fiction and fantasy conventions, yet they are big enough to get some big named guests in the Lego community.

Lego Corporate Historian Signe Wiese did a zoom presentation from Denmark on the history of the Lego Company, the Lego brick, and had a photo and video presentation that took us through some of the Lego historical vaults.  While going through the vault, she stopped to show us one of her favorite sets, Lego Expert Builder’s set 956 from 1977.  It was one of the first sets to introduce the Technic elements to Lego. Now the whole line is called Lego Technic.  I also have that set and two others from that year.

Senior Brand Manager Renee Guida and Brand Relations Manager Molly Martin spoke about Lego community events they have been involved in and working with other partners like Adidas, Levis,  and Audi,  although they weren’t able to talk about any upcoming partnerships.

For me, the panels that were the most fun were the, “Meet the Lego Masters” panels held Saturday and Sunday.  These were Q and As with contestants from the Fox show “The Lego Masters”.  Hosted by Boone Lanston, know for his beard, it included most of the builders over the two days.

They also had an ongoing tournament, Battle Bricks, which was a Lego version of Battle Bots with Lego recreations of the Bots from the ABC show.

This was the weekend boost I needed to get out of my rut.  Thank you, Kit!




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Me at Brickfest a few years back.

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