My wife works in homecare.  One day one of her clients gave her a zucchini.  One zucchini.  The one pictured above.  We named it Zucczilla.

So the question became what to do with it.  I went to www.allrecipes.com for some ideas.  When I worked in Toyville in Stonewood mall, there was a restaurant some of us would go to for their Fried Zucchini.   That’s where I fell in love with them.

I found this recipe https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/20889/fried-zucchini/?internalSource=hub%20recipe&referringContentType=Search&clickId=cardslot%202

It also makes onion rings.  I made this recipe twice.  The recipe says, “a batter will form on the vegetables”.  No, not really.  Maybe a zucchini that big is just too dry.  I did it the second time, but dipped the zucchini bits in an egg wash before putting them in the flour mixture.  That worked better.

Next, I tried baked zucchini fries. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/236302/baked-zucchini-fries/?internalSource=hub%20recipe&referringContentType=Search&clickId=cardslot%2019

Those came out pretty good too, served with ranch dressing.  The recipe called for three zucchini. Somehow I made it work with the one.

Next, zucchini patties https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/13941/zucchini-patties/?internalSource=recipe%20hub&referringContentType=Search&clickId=cardslot%20117

I served these with omelets for breakfast.  The only thing was that I think I made the patties too big.  Next time I’ll go with smaller ones.  Still a good breakfast.

I also had zucchini in some salads.  There are still more recipes like zucchini pancakes, zucchini bread and zucchini pizza.  So if you ever find yourself with a Zucczilla, you have plenty of options.  Probably nuclear ones, too, but I didn’t use the microwave.


Dennis Amador Cherry

28th article completed.

First Steampunk novel:  57,992 words.

Not related to zucchini at all, but this was a fun dinner.  https://bestrecipebox.com/chili-cheese-crescent-dog-bake/?fbclid=IwAR2_Yuukv_-ogix7FTbRjsvwKFv4EuhmAT7EXbNm_7K8AKvb9Hsj0_EPYyc

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