Out of Order

Out of Order

So, I recovered from my kidney stone and went back to work on Monday.  On Tuesday I got a scratchy throat and was coughing a bit.  Came home dead tired.  That was the start of a cold.  It wasn’t the worst cold I had, but it dragged out.  With a bad sore throat, I would occasionally take a spoonful of honey to soothe it.  On Friday night, I took some honey, but it wouldn’t go down.  It was like my throat was tightening up.  I managed to suck in enough air for a good cough and slowly my throat opened.

After that, my wife took me to ER and guess what, I tested positive for Covid.  This was surprising because eleven days prior when I was in ER for my kidney stone, I tested negative.  I must have picked it up after my first ER visit.  And with the stress of the kidney stone, my immune system was probably low.

After checking my vitals, drawing blood, hooking up an IV and an x-ray, they gave me an antibiotic and a steroid to drink for my throat.  They sent me home about 11:00 pm.

My biggest complaint was a total lack of energy.  I spent most of three days in bed.   I still tire easily.  It’s taking me forever to even write this.  I have to quarantine for five days, including from my wife.   We stay in separate rooms and when we do have to be in the same room, we both have to wear masks.  It makes it hard to kiss.

Oh, wait, I guess that’s the idea.

I never did lose my sense of taste, which is awesome.  But then, I haven’t had much of an appetite, so…

Still better than a kidney stone.

Dennis Amador Cherry


99th blog completed.

First Steampunk novel:  Forget it, I didn’t work on anything.

First Steampunk screenplay: 

Second Steampunk screenplay:

Second Steampunk novel:

Third Steampunk screenplay: 

Here’s me, hard at work, recovering.

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