The Best Convention You’ll Never Attend

I’ve been having fun with the Facebook group, Concellation. It’s a fun group for people who were planning to go to Science Fiction / fantasy / Comic Book conventions that have been cancelled. They even have an art show and a dealer’s room where real dealers are selling their wares on the internet.  People ask questions like, “What’s your favorite Bond movie?”, share costume pictures, share things they collect and generally have fun. It’s been a way for me to be creative in short bursts. Here are some of the things I posted:

  • It was great to see Tara Strong at the voice actor’s panel. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do the voice she did on My Little Pony very well because of a cold she caught. She was a little horse.
  • The 12 Monkeys panel was disappointing. The panelists were three groups of cosplayers dressed as Davy, Micky, Michael and Peter.
  • I thought I’d check out the art show as soon as it opened. The bottle of Purell by the door was already going to voice auction.
  • I think the hotel is taking this social distancing a bit too far when it comes to hotel maintenance. At a Highlander cosplay gathering, one of the guys swung his sword and broke a big water dispenser. They sent out one guy, a Hispanic gentleman who already looked tired, to clean up all the water and broken glass. I asked a hotel staffer if they couldn’t send someone else to help the poor guy. The staffer shook his head and said, “There can only be Juan”.

Check out Concellation on Facebook. They’ve got over 26,000 members. If you can’t go in person, at least you can go virtually.

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