Getting Ready for Anything

Getting Ready for Anything

If you go to this Facebook page  you will see our ad for the next Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference.  You will see what we’re planning, our educational tracts for Aspiring, Active and Accomplished writers, our ProCritiques™ and our pricing and six-months-same-as-cash financing.  Our president, Tony Tadaro, is working hard to put that all together for you.

If you look at the bottom, you will see this paragraph:

Mindful of Covid-19 pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, WC2 will be working closely with the DoubleTree Hotel in Los Angeles Westside to provide the best environment for all. And based on projections, we believe we’ll be able to safely gather together in August to celebrate writing and writers. That said, WC2 is preparing alternatives should the situation dictate a different response, including a virtual conference with special bonuses, full credit towards our many future events, or a combination of both.

For the sake of caution, things will be different.  When you check in, registration will be behind clear plastic dividers, just like in grocery stores and we’ll take your temperature with no-touch forehead thermometers.  The hotel has given us the whole banquet floor.  In the past we have shared it with a wedding and real-estate investors.  This will allow us to spread out the conference space.  One person to a six-foot table, both audience and panelists.  This will be a lot of extra work for the staff and volunteers, but it’s what we will do to keep everyone save and comply with state guidelines.

One of the advantages of attending a conference is the opportunity to network, especially with professionals in the field.  If you and another person feel comfortable standing or sitting next to each other, that’s up to you.  Just be respectful of the other person if they don’t feel comfortable.  It’s not personal and they might have health concerns you’re not aware of.

If we feel we can’t meet all health requirements and provide a successful conference, we are open to the possibility of a virtual conference.  This would be much like the virtual Special Speaker Events GLAWS is currently holding, but with multiple channels.

Ultimately, your health is your responsibility.  If you don’t feel comfortable attending a group event, then don’t go.  We’re struggling to make everything work like everyone else, but we’re not going anywhere.  We look forward to future conferences where these extra measures won’t be necessary, and we hope you’ll join us at those as well.

Keep reading, keep learning and keep writing.


Dennis Amador Cherry

13th article completed.

First Steampunk novel:  19,508 words.

I love behind-the-scenes stuff.

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