Coming Soon to a Virtual of Festival of Books Near You.

Coming Soon to a Virtual of Festival of Books Near You.

As you may have heard, the L.A. Times Festival of Book will be virtual this year.  Beginning October 18th, it will go on for four weeks.  The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society has had a booth there for years.  With the shut down of live events, we have rolled our table over to next year when hopefully we will have live events again.

We have a long list of authors that has singed up for our table to meet the public, chat with fans and sell their books.

To support them, GLAWS will be conducting as series of interviews with the authors.  The basic format will be a five-minute interview and a five-minute reading from one of their books.   I will be one of at least three interviewers.  Things are still in the early planning stages, I’ll let you know more as we start recording the interviews and where you can see them.

On a personal note, things have been busy at work.  We had a person leave the company and move to Colorado.  A couple of us are trying to pick up the work she use to do.  It’s a lot of data entry.  It can be tedious and tiring.  In addition, I still have my own work to do.  This has been hurting my writing.  There are days where I just come home, eat and crash.  I still plan to finish the first draft on my novel by the end of October, but now that’s going to be tougher to do.

Wish me luck.


Dennis Amador Cherry

25th article completed.

First Steampunk novel:  55,6141words.

Life is what happens when your making plans.

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