Shutting Down Doesn’t Mean Stop Living.

Shutting Down Doesn’t Mean Stop Living.

A popular meme going around Facebook is, “What have you been learning during the shutdown?” Learning something new is always good, and if you have more time to do so right now, good on you!  I’m still working at my day job at Natren, Inc.  We make pharmaceutical grade probiotics, so we’re under food and drug manufacturing, but I do find myself with weekends open.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been learning something new.  Instead, I’ve been working on my novel, relaunching this website and my Facebook page and working on the GLAWS Advisory Board to do some re-organizational housekeeping.  But then, I realized I’ve been trying out some new recipes.  Do you LEARN a new recipe or just TRY a new recipe?  It’s not like I memorize it.  I just print it out and put it in my three-ring recipe binder.  Recently I have made Salisbury Steak, Chill Cheese Hot Dog Casserole and the Chill Dip pictured above.

Cooking is a hobby of mine.  The kitchen is my domain and my wife blames me for making her fat.  To which I respond with a Steven Universe reference, All I want to do, is make you turn into, a giant woman!”  It’s a good thing we’re both fans.

My favorite places to find recipes are and .  I also follow Facebook pages like Eating on a Dime, Brown Eyed Baker and Dinner at the Zoo.  The Chill Dip above turned out so good I just have to share it.  You can find it at

All this make for a lot of fun in the kitchen and some really…


I follow Alton Brown as well.


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First Steampunk novel:  9647 words.

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