Loscon Day Zero

Loscon Day Zero

After waiting two years, it finally arrived.  Loscon 47:  the year we were Fan Guests of Honor.  We were very well treated.  Normally we commute each day from home to the convention at the LAX Marriott, but the committee paid for a room for us.  The also took care of our meals and even provided a scooter for Kris.

While checking in, we were greeted with a gift basket of goodies.

Later that day, the hotel presented us with another gift basket.

Together, they were more goodies than we could eat and drink at the con, so we took most of them home.

After settling in, Kris and I both set up in the art show.  Sometimes Kris skips a year, but her jewelry is usually a regular in the art show.  She brought beaded bottles, necklaces and wristbands. I haven’t been in the art show for years.  I don’t think I’ve done any cartooning since I got serious with my writing.  I displayed nine of my “Magic the Blathering” series, a takeoff of Magic the Gathering cards.  Some of those prints hadn’t seen daylight since ’97.  I also use to do a series called “Sam the Sperm”, but I couldn’t find any of those.  They’re probably in our storage unit somewhere.

Finally, in the evening, we were invited to the Loscon Thanksgiving dinner.  This is a catered dinner for the guests of Loscon and all the people who set up the event on Thanksgiving day – which is convention move-in day.  It was great to share this Thanksgiving meal with lots of friends we rarely get to see.Next week:  Loscon Day One.


Dennis Amador Cherry


90th blog completed.

A fourth week of not writing anything.  But now that the con is over, life will hopefully go back to normal.

First Steampunk novel: …  Forget it.  None of the statistics have changed.

And now for something completely different:  I am now fully qualified to sexually harass people in the state of California.

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