Recipes in Review with Guest blogger, Vincent Reinheart

Recipes in Review with Guest blogger, Vincent Reinheart

Greetings and Merry Christmas.  I’m the Cherry household food critic, Vincent Reinheart.  I’m filling in for Dennis this week so he can relax and enjoy the holiday.  Of course, he will be cooking today, making roasted chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas and biscuits.  None of those will be new recipes, but holiday favorites.

One of Dennis’ goals for the year was to try twelve new recipes.  He ended up trying eighteen new recipes.  I’ve reviewed all of them as they came out.  I’m here today to share my top five, not in any particular order, as they are all so varied.

Meatloaf is one of Dennis’ favorite things to experiment with.  As he puts it, “Meatloaf is the plain brown wrapper of dinners.  The challenge is to find all the different ways to make it.  This year had two winners.  First, Habanero and Goat Cheese Meat Loaf a single habanero plant that has given him 74 habaneros so far, Dennis has had a lot of opportunities to experiment.  This meatloaf takes a lot of work and ingredients, but it’s well worth it.  We’ve had this one twice by now.  One switch out, replace the jalapenos slices on top with habanero slices.  It adds more flavor without making it overly hot.

On the opposite end of the meatloaf spectrum is  Stove Top Stuffing Meatloaf

This is an easy meatloaf to make with only four ingredients.  The seasoning in the Stove Top (Dennis used Turkey Flavor) makes it excellent.  It’s a firm meatloaf that doesn’t fall apart when you slice it.  And it’s so good, you don’t need to put extra ketchup on it.

Paring well with this meatloaf was Good old-fashioned Mac and Cheese (seen above)  This has become Kris’ favorite Mac and Cheese – and she’s a big Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese fan.  This makes a whole casserole dish full (shown here is half the recipe).  You’ll probably run out of meatloaf before you run out of this mac and cheese, but don’t worry, it’s good on its own.

Mom’s Goulash  was another pleasant surprise.  Easy to make, like a homemade Hamburger Helper, but really good and it makes a lot.

Finally, cookies are always part of the Christmas season, Dennis tried one new recipe that was a hit with everyone that tried them:  Eggnog Cookies

This year, Dennis exceeded his goal of twelve new recipes by 50%.  One or two were, “eh”, BUT THAT’S WHAT THESE TESTS ARE FOR!”

A new year, new recipes.  Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

Vincent Reinheart in for Dennis


143rd blog completed.

First Steampunk novel:  73643 words.  <– Short of 80,000 words, but the best I can to right now.

First Steampunk screenplay:  Need to update with notes from the novelization.

Second Steampunk screenplay:  162 pages.  <– now need to work on shorting this.

Second Steampunk novel: 0 words.

Third Steampunk screenplay:  38 pages.

Dennis didn’t make these, but it wouldn’t be Christmas breakfast without CINNABON!

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