LA Times Festival of Books

LA Times Festival of Books

That is a picture of our booth before we set up.  We got there Friday afternoon to set up for the weekend.  The festival started on Saturday, April 20th at 10:00 am.  As always, the USC Marching Band played to kick off the festivities.

GLAWS has been going to the Festival of Books for years, but this one was especially meaningful to us.  It was our first festival since our president and co-founder passed away in December.  He organized our presence there as a one-man show.  It’s taken several members to step up and do all the things he did.

There were a few hitches, but we pulled it off.  John Gwinner has worked hard to revamp the GLAWS website from scratch.  A GLAWS member can buy a two-hour space at the table to sell their books.  There were some glitches on the site to buy those spaces, so we didn’t sell out as we usually do, but we still had a descent turn out.

This last one is Neil V. Young, author of “Children of the Stars”.  I bought his book and it’s next on my reading list.  He had posters, pens, bookmarks and business cards he was giving out.  He also had this neat typewriter business card holder.

Several people asked him if he was selling it.  He wasn’t, but he’s thinking about getting more to sell next year. 

Here’s our current President, retired librarian, Neil Citrin, ruling over his domain.

And, as always, there were food trucks.  Lots of food trucks in three locations.

Mmmmm…  Baby’s Bad Ass Burgers!

The only disappointing thing about Baby’s is when they do a big event like this or Gallifrey One, they limit their menu to keep production moving faster.  So, I still haven’t had a chance to try their Other Woman, their blue cheese burger.

This was the best sign I saw at the festival…

Banned books?  “Fahrenheit 451”?  “Animal Farm”?  I read those in high school.  “The Color Purple”?  Steven Spielberg made a movie out of that book.  And someone else did a more recent version.

Then suddenly, as I was walking through the festival, I got “Gangnam Style” running through my head.

It was a fun, but long weekend, which was why I didn’t write about it last weekend.

Next weekend, what I did this week, attended the 40th Annual Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards Dinner.


212th blog completed.

First Steampunk novel:  76,570 words.  <– Past 76,000.  Goal:  80,000.

Second Steampunk novel: 783 words. 

Second Steampunk screenplay:  157 pages.

First Steampunk screenplay:  Need to update with notes from the novelization.

Third Steampunk screenplay:  38 pages.

Last night’s culinary experiment was Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

It was good, although Kris didn’t like the look of the bacon on top.  It didn’t look cooked to her.  But after 90 minutes in the oven at 350*, it definitely was.  The truth is, while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t as good as the Stovetop Stuffing Meatloaf.  It’s going to take an extraordinary meatloaf to beat that one.” – Vincent Reinhart

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