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Stringing the Story Along

Thinking about the Writers Conference two weeks ago, I am reminded of something else I’m grateful to have learned about through GLAWS.  But first, I need to backtrack a bit. Back when I was at the USC School of Cinema/Television, I took several screenwriting classes.  Generally, they taught the way […]

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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Yes, that is a handwritten version of a script.  Actually, it’s the first version of a Christmas story I have been working on for a number of years.  It’s taken a back seat to my Steampunk trilogy I’m currently working on, but I do intend to rewrite it when I’m […]

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The 100% Character

Back in USC Cinema/Television we had a professor that would talk about the 100% Character.   That is a character that will do ANYTHING to achieve his goal.  This kind of character is either extra dangerous or extra courageous, depending on whether it’s the protagonist or antagonist. The best example I […]

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