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A Long Time Ago at a Campfire Far, Far Away

We are storytellers.  It’s in our blood.  Ever since small groups of hunters and gatherers sat around the campfire, they have told stories.  While some basics remain constant, the styles of storytelling change.  We can see this even within our lifetime. You may not have lived as long as I […]

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Dennis Amador Cherry at Star Wars Celebration 2022

Star Wars Video, Nothing but Star Wars Video…

As promised last week, here is video from the Star Wars Celebration.  There was a lot to see in one day. This is just about nine minutes of it. May the Force be with you. Dennis Amador Cherry 114th blog completed. Busy week, I didn’t work on any writing, only […]

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Just Yesterday in a County Nearby

This weekend, after a two-year absence, Star Wars Celebration returned.  This is a convention that moves around the country and for it’s return it came back to the Anaheim Convention Center.  Again on a limited budget, we only had tickets for Saturday, but what a Saturday!  By the time we […]

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