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… it’s Seder-Day Night!

Happy Easter, everyone! Three days before we celebrated Easter, my church, Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, held a Seder, the traditional Jewish celebration of Passover.  Why celebrate Passover?  Because as Christians, it’s part of our heritage as well.  We have the Old Testament, Moses, the Ten Commandments, the exodus from […]

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Meaty Meat Saturday

Every month my church, Calvary Bible Church of Burbank https://www.calvarybiblechurch.org/, holds a Men’s Breakfast.  This month, we had a Men’s Barbeque instead. It was held at one of our member’s homes in Burbank.  It started out casual as the guys filtered in.  Once we had a good size group, we […]

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Two Cool Things Happened this Weekend. Here’s Number One:

My church, Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, had its first Men’s Breakfast of the year.  It’s always a blessing to fellowship with other men, but it’s a double blessing for me. I love to cook.  I do all the cooking at home.  It’s my hobby.  I also love Food Network […]

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