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Hit by the Sledgehammer of Inspiration

How it All Starts I start off my Thursday afternoon as I always do. I drop off my client to his therapist and hit the local Yogurtland to grab my favorite chocolate obsession and do some writing. I used to think that when I started working part-time, I would have […]

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The Complicated Mechanics of Stress

No One Answer to a Complicated Subject Last week, we went over the question of stress affecting one’s creative writing. Speaking for my own personal life experience (which is the only point of view I can offer our readers) I made the observations that extreme mental and emotional stress impairs […]

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The Natural Habitat of the Wild Writer

Meanwhile, While Dennis is out Dragonfly Hunting… Hi all. It’s Kristine Cherry again, coming to you from the Dragonfly Temple. What is that, you may ask? It’s a reference not only to my work-in-progress trilogy entitled, “The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles”, but also what I call my writing space in our […]

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