Fun Stuff

Bugging the Little Buggers

I love my two habanero plants, Richard and Nicole.  But recently they’ve developed a tiny problem. APHIDS! I thought aphids only attacked roses, BUT NOOOOOO!  (Anyone hearing this in John Belushi’s voice?)  These little buggers primarily attack the flower buds, sucking them dry.  And without flowers, no fruit.  Being that […]

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This is a test of the Wannabe Broadcast System

Back when Kris and I were in Quattro University, we did a 100-Day challenge where for 100 days we would put up a video on our website.  That was a fun time, trying to come up with something every day.  My favorite part was editing the videos.  Video editing were […]

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My Leafy Babies!

  Back in May of last year, I had some disappointing jalapenos.  First, we went to Topper’s Pizza (my favorite pizza place) and ordered a pizza with jalapenos on it.  The jalapenos were disappointingly not hot.  Then I made a plate of nachos at home and added jalapenos to my […]

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