What Have I Been Doing With All This Extra Time.

Sometimes I just like to have fun and play one of my favorite refrigerator games, “Name That Leftover”.  But you can really only play it once a month.  Or every two months.  Three or more months gets really challenging. And there are card games like Flux.  Monty Python Flux is […]

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The Best Convention You’ll Never Attend

I’ve been having fun with the Facebook group, Concellation. It’s a fun group for people who were planning to go to Science Fiction / fantasy / Comic Book conventions that have been cancelled. They even have an art show and a dealer’s room where real dealers are selling their wares […]

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What if we had just called it the flu all along?

Words have meaning.  Words have power.  Our choice of words determine how we process information.  Recently President Trump got flack for calling Covid-19 the “China Flu”.  One reporter asked him if that wasn’t racist.  Well, no it isn’t.  China isn’t a race, it’s a geographical location where Covid-19 originated.  But […]

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